Music Artist Services


Here at Kayke Marketing we have a wide range of services for music artist at all stages of their careers. We provide our clients support and guidance as they excel their music artist career status. Below are Music Artist Services which are provided by Kayke Marketing.

1. Management 
2. Marketing 
3. Development 
4. Promotions
5. Artist Referrals
6. Branding
7. Record Label Start -Up
8. Branding Campaigns
9. Compilations Production and Arrangement 
10. EP Projects
11. Distribution (on and offline)
12. Music Industry Consulting
13. Music Industry Education
14. Public Relations
15. Music Industry Representation
16. Artist Branding Packages
17. Music Artist Video Production
18. Song Recording Assistance
19. Tour Scheduling 
20. Digital Marketing 
21. Followers Packages
22. Music Artist Strategic Business Plans
23. Performance Opportunities
24. CD Projects

25. Media Services

26. New Market Entry Services

27.Creative Marketing for Music Artist

28. Copyright and Publishing Assistance 

29.March Development and sales

30.Internet Presence Enhancement Services