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Kayke Marketing Your One Stop Shop
Kayke Marketing Your One Stop Shop

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Content marketing is the backbone of SEO. Here are 17 useful tips to help you draw up a successful content marketing plan this year:

Here are the 17 most important SEO tips to follow when optimizing your website:

  • 1. Use Keywords In The Right Places

  • 2. Keep Users On Your Site Longer

  • 3. Find “Suggest” Keywords

  • 4. Delete Zombie Pages

  • 5. Do An Industry Study

  • 6. Add Related Keywords to Your Content

  • 7. Add Text to Infographics, Podcasts and Videos

  • 8. Update Old Pages

  • 9. Speed Up Your Website

  • 10. Use the Google Search Console

  • 11. Create Content Around Shoulder Niches

  • 12. Get Backlinks From Your Visual Assets

  • 13. Create Branded Keywords

  • 14. Add “What is X” Definitions to Blog Content

  • 15. Rank In The Featured Snippets

  • 16. Find More Guest Post Opportunities

  • 17. Improve Your Organic CTR

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